About Us

Rolland & Bree

The Brand is an up-and-coming luxury clothing and fashion brand which is quickly becoming very popular. Rolland & Bree got its name from the two founders of the brand, Bradley Rolland & Tyler Bree. Based in the Channel Islands on a small island called Jersey where both Bradley and Tyler were born and raised.

Specialising in quality and luxury, casual and smart casual attire, Rolland & Bree offer a range of clothing products and accessories to keep you looking sharp and stylish!

As we are based in Jersey we like to offer FREE delivery to all customers and clients in Jersey.

The Logo

The Elephant was chosen to be the face of our brand because of its symbolic meanings of Strength, Honour and Wisdom. An Elephant is also a symbol Authority, Pride, Will and Intent. Elephants are naturally strong herd animals supported by friends and family. While creating Rolland & Bree we have received a lot of support and motivation from our companions that has helped to build Rolland & Bree.

The main colour scheme of the Rolland & Bree logo is made of bold black and white, which symbolizes the brand’s elegance, simplicity, sophistication, prestige and strength.